Lucky 10 Ball

Lucky 10 Ball is a game of chance where the more numbers that you have selected are in order, the more you win.

Playing Lucky 10 Ball is easy

Lucky 10 Ball is drawn every 5 minutes in every day, with 288 draws per day.

There are two ways you can play Lucky 10 Ball:

- Marking a Lucky 10 Ball coupon with your favourite numbers; or

- Asking for a QuickPick and letting the terminal randomly generate the numbers for you.

Winning Lucky 10 Ball

To win Division 1 in Lucky 10 Ball you must have the 10-digit Lucky 10 Ball numbers matching the exact sequence as the numbers drawn. You can also win a prize if your Lucky 10 Ball number matches the sequence of the numbers drawn. In all there are 10 prize divisions. Read more about Lucky 10 Ball winning combinations and how to claim Lucky 10 Ball prizes.

How to Play Lucky 10 Ball

Lucky 10 Ball has 10 balls numbered 1 to 10 from which 10 balls are randomly selected in a draw and each draw happens every 5 minutes. The aim is to have the correct numbers in the order drawn. The more numbers in order, the more you win.

Entry Types
Mark a Lucky 10 Ball Coupon

If you’ve got numbers that are really special to you they could mean more to you when you play Lucky 10 Ball. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Grab a Lucky 10 Ball Coupon at your local Lucky Lottery Outlet
2. Mark 1 to 10 numbers in each game panel
3. Play 1 - 18 game panels

Play with QuickPicks

QuickPick Entries are perfect if you’re in a rush or playing Lucky 10 Ball for the first time because your numbers are generated at random for you. QuickPick Entries are available in the following sizes.

Maxi QuickPick 50 games
Jumbo QuickPick 36 games
Mega QuickPick 25 games
Super QuickPick 18 games
Regular QuickPick 14 games
12 Game QuickPick 12 games
6 Game QuickPick games

Ticket Prices

The current Lucky 10 Ball prices are listed below.

Entry TypeEquiv. Standard GamesCost
6 Game QuickPick6$ 6.45
12 Game QuickPick12$ 12.90
Regular QuickPick14$ 15.05
Super QuickPick18$ 19.35
Mega QuickPick25$ 26.90
Jumbo QuickPick36$ 38.70
Maxi QuickPick50$ 53.80

Entry TypeEquiv. Standard GamesCost
1 Game1$ 1.10
2 Game2$ 2.15
3 Game3$ 3.25
4 Game4$ 4.30
5 Game5$ 5.40
6 Game6$ 6.45
7 Game7$ 7.55
8 Game8$ 8.60
9 Game9$ 9.70
10 Game10$ 10.75
11 Game11$ 11.85
12 Game12$ 12.90
13 Game13$ 14.00
14 Game14$ 15.05
15 Game15$ 16.15
16 Game16$ 17.20
17 Game17$ 18.30
18 Game18$ 19.35

How to Win Lucky 10 Ball

To win a prize in Lucky 10 Ball, you need to match your Lucky 10 Ball numbers with the winning numbers drawn in the order drawn. You can select a minimum of one up to a maximum of 10 positions. Prices are paid for matching each of the following number combinations:

DivisionMatching NumbersPrize
One10$ 888,000
Two9$ 80,000
Three8$ 40,000
Four7$ 20,000
Five6$ 10,000
Six5$ 500
Seven4$ 350
Eight3$ 160
Nine2$ 55
Ten1$ 10

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